about us

TAZA Food Products Inc. was founded in 2004, and has subsequently evolved into a multidimensional, multi-product business with sales in over 3 continents. Our aim is to be a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of ethnic/ halal ready-to-eat meals. We are committed to helping consumers make healthy dietary choices without compromising on taste or convenience.

At TAZA Food, we bring exquisite flavor to different foods, catering to a variety of palates bound by one commonality: good taste. We have successfully launched our "TAZA" brand in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa and in the Middle East.

Every step in the production of our foods, from procurement, to manufacturing, to distribution, is subject to rigorous quality control tests. Just as we do not expect our customers to compromise on taste, we refuse to compromise on quality. We only use the very freshest of herbs, meats and vegetables. Our high standards and our determination to only use the very best to provide you with the very best has established us as a leader in the Indo-Pakistani frozen food industry.

All our products are also manufactured with complete adherence to the prescribed halal methods and international food safety standards.